Quit Being a Meal Skipper

pretty girl eat apple

Most people who are intense need and longing of loosing weight tend to not eat during the day for the hope that the lesser they eat the more calories they lose. On the other hand, this principle does not really work effectively for a long period of time and in fact it is one of the reason why we gain more weight instead of losing it.

Lower metabolism

The more you deny your body of food the more you are actually earning a higher risk of gaining weight. This is so because our bodies will start to go into survival mode once we stop eating the whole day.

Since it is so our bodies hang on to the fat that we are consuming instead of burning it off giving us a lower metabolism. The slower ones metabolism is the slower the fat be burnt.

Listen to your body

Whenever you feel and hear your stomach growling you know it is the right time to eat. Do not starve yourself. A person is suppose to eat every three hours so to make the metabolism work properly.

Nonetheless it is best to keep a record on whether how long does your body feel hunger between meals. This is done so to make sure which food do you have to prioritize in eating.

Plan your meals

Plan your meals. It is best for us to start eating healthy routinely. Avoid junk foods and opt for organic, healthy foods. Eating little amount at the right time is always the best way to go for.

A healthy salad or sandwich as lunch for example is a good way to start your meal plan. It is through planning meals that you can limit your chances of skipping meals. Always be mindful of the time that you eat as well. Give your body two to three hours of digesting the food that you eat before eating again.