The Long, Slow Burn

Have you ever experienced becoming hungry in the middle of the afternoon, around 3pm? This is one of the times that you’ve most probably grabbed a chocolate bar in order to get you through the day. If you have felt that particular hunger pang, you might not have been taking advantage of the long, slow burn.

In order to take advantage of the long, slow burn, you should try eating healthy foods and nutritionally balanced meals aside from eating regular meals. This is quite difficult for some people who are working early and late hours in the office.

This is one of the most important things that you should take into consideration when you’re trying to change your lifestyle. You should be able to catch up on your metabolism so be sure that you never skip breakfast. Be sure that you grab a bite whenever you skip breakfast in order to stop fueling your hunger.  

How does this actually all work out? Feelings of hunger are closely related to the blood sugar levels and if one goes on for so many hours without eating, a person’s blood sugar level can become quite low and will eventually lead you to become shaky, nauseous and extremely weak. This will eventually affect one’s concentration, one’s overall energy level as well as mood.

You should be able to resist grabbing a chocolate bar that would normally make you feel good for a little because even though it will give you that extra boost of energy, it’s only short-term. It’s important that you realize that after that initial high, you will eventually feel a drop in your blood sugar level, which will make you feel as hungry as ever.

There are a lot of foods that affect our blood sugar level. These are primarily the carbohydrates which are foods which determine how high or low our blood sugar levels are depending on the type of carbohydrate. Be sure to stay away from simple sugars which are found in sugary foods such as biscuits, sweets and chocolate. These types of carbohydrates are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and these are the very things which cause a spike in one’s blood sugar levels.

Those helpful carbohydrates are whole grains, rice, beans and lentils. These are the ones which take time to broken down when inside the digestive system. They are also more steadily absorbed by the body and because they keep one’s blood sugar levels steady, they are a better alternative to chocolates and other simple sugars.