The Truth About Vitamins

Vitamins enable your body’s cells to work properly. This is because they regulate the growth as well as the repair of tissues. They also are able to encourage energy production of the body. One needs to ensure that they get the RDA or the Recommended Daily Amount of each vitamin.

This is accomplished by getting your five servings of vegetables as well as fruits each day. There are also other cereals which have the recommended daily amounts as well as other foods. You may also add in a helping of lean meat or oily fish. These foods will give you the servings of vitamins you need each day.

Vitamins are essential for people of all ages.  For example, it is especially important for the elderly. This is because of the fact that elderly people find it even harder to prepare healthy meals and so they will be scrimping on their vitamins because of that.

Because of that, it is important that elderly people have vitamin supplements which contain the necessary RDA of vitamins. Some of these supplements include calcium and vitamin C. These will be able to help maintain healthy tissue and bones. These vitamins will also enable them to add to whatever vitamins they already get from their diet.

Pregnant women also need to boost their vitamin supply before and during pregnancy. This is so that they will be able to get enough iron and folic acid so that they can stay healthy for the baby. The folic acid is the one which helps them reduce the birth defects when it is taken for the first three months of pregnancy.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps your body absorb the iron that you would like to add on as a supplement to your diet. One of the good ways that you can do this is to drink orange juice with iron supplement.

One of the groups of people who need to take supplements are vegetarians. These are people who might need to take vitamin supplements because of the type of diet that they are subjecting themselves too. They might need extra calcium and protein supplements because they don’t have any meat in their diet anymore.

So apparently, vitamins aren’t just for children anymore. In fact most adults seem to need the most vitamins. It’s important that you know what you might be needing at your stage in life. Know what you need and take the necessary supplements for it. You’ll be glad that you did.