Sports Drinks: Do You Need Them?

Probably you have tried and tested sports drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade and Isoport. Some people may not even have to argue that they enjoyed drinking these kinds of drinks even wihout themselves being active or not engaging into any type of intense physical activity. For athletes, intaking sports drink is necessary to keep them hydrated and have their electrolytes easily replaced after hours of intense workouts.

Keeping you body hyrdated is important so that you can perspire. The best way to do both is to consume plenty of pure water or caffeine-free fluids. The more the physical activities, an increase of body fluids will be required to replace the electrolytes. Electrolytes lost from intense workout that lasts more than one hour or an activity under extreme heat shall then be replaced with sports drinks.

Sports drinks are composed of 6-8% carbohydrate, containing sodium and potassium to aid rapid delivery of fluid and fuel. 6-8% is the right amount of carbohydrates so that the sports drink will be absorbed by the body as fast as water, as well as quickly working muscles with needed electrolytes.

According ton research, carbohydrate solution that contains more than 6% is not better and won’t further improve your performance Replacement of electrolytes is useful for maintaining thirst and will help the uptake of fluid into the body. It is more efficient than water. Sports drinks are rapidly emptied from the stomach, and are absorbed in the small intestine.

Although the facts above sound appealing for athletes, it must be noted that there are side-effects for those who are enjoying too much of their Gatorades. Over consumption of high-energy drinks may create energy balance problems, leading to weight gain. Second, too much sports drinks can also cause teeth erosion.

It is advisable to drink a bottle of sports drink during the warm up and before the start of the sport activity or workout, and have another one which will be sipped throughout the game while drinking water.