Zrii Health Drink

Supplements have been used as an aid in enhancing our physical selves along with exercise and meal plans. They come in the form of pills or nutritional drinks, most of which are made from natural herbs that are reputed to provide different health benefits including losing body weight. These also tap into traditional medicine, which Zrii is trying to employ.

A power drink made from Indian gooseberries (or amalaki), Zrii was created under the philosophy and principles of the ancient Indian system of holistic health and healing called "Ayurveda." Zrii also contains six botanicals intended to provide various health benefits such as cellular rejuvenation, enhanced immune function, and increased vitality, to anyone who drinks one ounce of the product one to three times a day everyday.

The drink is blended in a base of pomegranate, pear, and grape juice, and is recommended to be consumed on a daily basis. Zrii contains no preservatives and is endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing headed by Deepak Chopra, a renowned medical doctor who promotes emotional and spiritual health along with physical and mental wellness.

Health benefits from Zrii:

  • Better cellular rejuvenation, increasing vitality
  • Better immune system
  • Improved digestion, assimilation and absorption
  • Easing arthritis pain and even has blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties
  • Enhances circulatory system
  • Nourishing tissues especially of heart, kidney and liver
  • Cures cold, headaches, inflammation, stomach ailments, heart diseases and malaria
  • Also a beauty tonic having youth preserving properties

A bottle of Zrii contains 28 ounces of amalaki juice blended with herbs and other fruit extracts and costs at around $40..

However, Zrii is only available through individual dealers who are also consumers of the nutritional drink. It could be a turn-off if they "invite" you to register in their networking program, although you can opt for the product without the strings attached. There is also no scientific evidence to back amalaki or any other ingredient in Zrii, and mainly rely on the traditions as proof of the botanicals’ effectiveness.