Developing Healthy Eating Habits

fruitsSo many food choices are out there that it simply baffles the would-be dieter. However, shelved between the aisles of supermarkets are those seemingly safe food products-those "healthy" products, so to speak. Because the food choices today don’t exactly provide the best alternatives, some of us are most likely to get into the habit of eating the wrong food group.

If you see bread that has a label ‘seven-grain bread’, then it will most probably entice you to try it instead of the normal bread that you buy. However, unless the label also specifically say that those grains are "whole grains", then you’re not really better off choosing it because it really isn’t the best bread that you can get your hands on.

Let’s go to fruit juices this time.  One would normally think that fruit juices are okay because of the fact that, well-it’s made of fruits. However, most of these juices only consist of concentrated sugar and they don’t provide you anywhere near the same level of nutrients that you get from whole fruits. You also won’t get the same amount of fullness from a can of fruit juice as opposed to eating a whole fruit.

So if you want to go the healthy way, simply get your fruit juice by putting whole fruits in a blender, holding the sugar and blending your favorite fruits to your heart’s delight. It will always be a healthier alternative and probably a much cheaper one in the long run.

Thinking along this line, people shouldn’t assume that because they’re eating a can of vegetable soup for dinner, they automatically think that they are already eating healthy. The truth is, those canned vegetable soups don’t contain nearly as much vegetables as you need on a day-to-day basis. Another thing is that the nutrients in those soups are lost and so you need to really take in and eat your vegetables instead of relying on canned soups.

The moral is you shouldn’t immediately assume that a product is healthy just because you see it in the shelves of the "healthy foods" section of the supermarket. It is important that you thoroughly read the labels of these foods and determine if whether you are really getting is enough nutrition or just empty calories. Be as prudent as you are in choosing your foods as when you are thinking about what brand of shampoo to switch to. It takes a lot of patience but in the end, it will all pay off.