Healthy Food to Beat Depression

fruitsWhen one is having a constant change with regard to their appetite and sleep patters, often sad without any reason, often feeling guilty and worthless, becoming such a pessimist, often thinking of suicide or death and feeling odd pain then he or she might be suffering from Depression. When indeed having Depression issues mind that you really do not need a shrink nor be dependent on drugs. Start using food to beat your problem.

Food functions like a drug and it is a drug. The food alone just like a drug can change our state of mind, cure our sickness, prevents our body from getting sick and enhances our ability.

Many people tend to eat a lot of food whenever they are feeling down and or nervous so to change their mood. This can be rampantly seen with obese people. Nonetheless, it does not mean that when you eat food to fight depression is that you are welcoming the faith of looking like a whale. The following are tips on how to use food in fighting depression at your advantage.

Moderate Amount of High Fiber Carbohydrate per Meal

Have a lot of fruits and vegetables that is rich in fiber. Fruits like strawberries, oranges and apples have tremendous amount of vitamins and fibers with them. Also, avoid drinks that contain high sugar.

Need protein

Everyone needs protein. We get it through eating pork, chicken, fish, beef and others. However, it does not mean that if you need it you can already eat a lot. Make sure to limit your protein intake. Have some protein with every meal.

Small Meals

Eating small meals a day is good and not a mere myth. A five to six small’s meals will actually prevent your body from getting more carbohydrates. This action will control your blood sugar level more.