Eating Right, Living Better

If you are a believer of the rule of thumb that we should eat right to live better, then you are right. There are a lot of things that are bad for the human body.

Most of these are the processed foods and those which have been through different synthetic processes. With this in mind, it’s important that you eat more of nutritious foods and less foods which are not helpful to the body. Why don’t we start with those foods that we should be eating more of?

Fiber helps

Eating fiber essentially helps the person to feel full sooner and make the person crave even less after they finish eating it. Another thing that fiber does to the body is that it tells the body to feel full sooner so because of it, the body will register the food earlier and also will stay in the stomach longer than most foods.

Because of this, it will be able to slow down the rate of digestion and will essentially keep one full far longer than the other foods that the body can consume.

Because of the fiber content of a single serving of whole grain bread, it is much more filling than two single servings of white bread. Another useful thing that fiber does is that it transports fat through one’s digestive system in a much faster way so that less of the fat is absorbed, thus making one not gain too much weight.

The wrongs of being refined

There are refined grains such as white bread or white rice which have had most of the essential fiber content in them already stripped.

Most, if not all, of their nutrients have now been taken away and because of this, these processed foods will immediately turn into blood sugar so fast that it is somewhat akin to sugar itself and will most certainly cause an increase in one’s insulin level. This says to our body that it has a lot of energy still present and that it should stop burning fat and start storing it.

If you try to skip the refined products such as white bread, even though it looks or says it’s a healthy type of bread, make sure that you replace it with whole grain bread. It should follow that you still eat the same types of foods but choose their healthier alternatives. Try it out and watch your lifestyle improve by the day.