Nutritional Benefits of The Strawberry

strwberryStrawberries were first propagated in Rome before it became the most popular fruit berry worldwide. This berry is which is really not a berry but a flower being a member of the rose family is not just some aphrodisiac. Strawberries is rich with many nutritional benefits.

Just like cabbage, cauliflower, mango, red peppers, watermelon, squash and papaya, the strawberry provides Vitamin C which is even more than an orange. It consists of a lot of vitamins such as manganese and potassium, fiber and a high amount of polyphenols. If you are thinking about calories it has a low amount of it. And to add, it is sodium, fat and cholesterol free perfect for any body’s diet.

This small, red and heart shaped berry is truly one of the worlds small yet great packages for the man kind. It reduces the risk of heard diseases and cancer, lessens the blood pressure and increase the level of the good cholesterol.