How Much Red Meat Should You Eat

Anything in excess can give a bad effect. Several studies has been made with regard to Red Meat and its effects to our body. Not to mention that is has been long suspected for being the cause of having bowel cancer.

According to the study of EPIC or the European Study Into Cancer and Nutrition wherein it monitored the diets of men and women for five years within ten different countries it has been concluded that red meats like ham, bacon, lamb, beef, pork and veal are factors that increase the risk of having bowel cancer. In addition, they also concluded that eating high fiber food for instance vegetables, wholegrain cereals, fruits lessens the risk of meat eating and that having a fish included on a diet every other day is protective.

It must be cleared to everyone however that one will not have a cancer by merely eating meat but it is the eating of too much read meat that may give a person the sickness that will kill them. As what Professor Bingham says, it is not the meat meat that is the problem but the way we eat the meat. According to one study, people who eat a lot of high fiber food together with any sort of fish on a regular meal is good and reduces the risk of having a bowel cancer by 30% than those who eat fish less than a week.

Fish, Poultry, Beans, Nuts, Whole grain are the best choice when looking for a source of protein. On the other hand when you opt to go for red meat chose the ones with the leanest cut and include it only occasionally on your diet. More importantly, make sure to include high in fiber, vitamins and minerals kind of food when eating a red meat.