Which Is More Fattening: Fats or Carbs?

Several types of diet has been made available for everybody. Most of them actually focuses on cutting down or in fact even stop consuming fats or any carbohydrates. Is it true that carbohydrate when consumed easily turns and stored in our body as fats. The fat from food also has the same effect.

The calorie from fat that one will get will cause any person the similar amount of weight when they consume calories from eating carbohydrates. The issue on whether one can be fuller when eating carbohydrates than fats and vice versa has been brought up as well.

There has been a couple of study that was made by several researchers and all of them are pointing to one conclusion which is, the effect of having fats or carbohydrates in our system is just the same.

The effects of these food also goes hand in hand with the level of effect the diets made pertaining to loosing weight through the minimal consumption of fats and carbs. Losing weight materialize when you are on a diet yet again it is still better up and more affective when you are on a diet.