Is Your Drink Making You Fat?


Many people seem to be asking whether what they drink can make them fat. The simple answer to this is a yes. But it will depend on what kind of drink that you usually take that can make you fat. Taking on weight has been long known to be caused by consuming more calories than what the body can burn as energy. The excess calories eventually becomes fat that is stored in the body for later usage. This results in added weight that one can see and even feel.

If you think that it is the food that solely puts on the pounds, then think again. Calories taken from liquid beverages have also been found to be the problem. In the US, there has been a growing problem with weight in the population. About 71 percent of men have been found to be overweight while 62 percent of women have serious weight issues. About 33 percent of them are considered as obese. And these problem has been around for quite a long time now. It has also been noted that calorie-laden beverages may be partly to blame.

In one study, a group of people were given the same lunch once a week for six weeks with only the type and amount of drink being changed each week. The group seem to drink more as the amount is increased. This led to women increasing their beverage calories by about 10 percent and 26 percent for the men. Participants in the study ate the same amount of calories in food aside from the calories taken through drinks, which includes soft drinks. This led to an increase on the total consumed calories.

Other short term studies were also able to show that when people decrease their high-calorie soft drink consumption, results also show a decrease in total daily calorie consumption. Even long term studies have shown the association of low calorie beverage consumption with weight loss. Experts offer several explanations as to why most people seem to overlook the calories consumed in most drinks.

One explanation is that liquid drinks pass through the mouth to the stomach faster and provides less time for the body to signal to the brain that one is eating. This can sometimes not provide the same feeling of fullness as with eating solid food. This can sometimes make it easier for people to gulp down larger amounts of high-calorie drinks than they would have with solid foods.

Another reason is that some people do not consider calories in beverages the same way as they do with food, sometimes neglecting to count the calories and may find it negligible at times. But with what the new studies have shown, this seems to be the opposite. High-calorie drinks can be a valid cause for one to gain weight if not controlled.