The Benefits of Eating Fibre

fruitsOne of the worse things that a person can do to himself or herself is to abuse his or her body. One should realize that eating sweets or protein such as lean meat is not the way to be able to gain a healthy body. One needs a healthy dose of fiber or else you might see yourself more constipated than ever before. If you take in food which are not rich in fiber, then you probably will see yourself eating more and more foods which do not have a high intake of fiber rich food.

The suggested average amount of fiber intake should be around 25-30 grams per day however people nowadays have regular diets which do not include much fiber in it. The statistical average that most people get nowadays are composed of only 10-15 grams daily.

Some examples of fiber-rich foods are all bran cereal, beans (kidney and butter), peas, spinach, sweet corn, whole meal brown bread, carrots, apples, red cabbage, baked potato with skin, bananas oranges and several others.

Of course, the list goes on and on and it would be quite a feat to list down each and every fiber-rich foods. Basically, the most direct route towards a fiber-rich diet is to eat more beans, fruits, vegetables and grains.

Two kinds of fiber

The first is soluble and the second is the insoluble type.

Soluble fiber helps control blood sugar and lowers cholesterol levels and comes mostly from legumes (dried beans, peas, and lentils), fruit, and oats.

Insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation and lowers the risk of colon cancer and comes mostly from whole grains and vegetables.

If you start eating more food rich in both types of fiber, you will be amazed of the benefits that your digestive system will be getting after you give it a try.

Soluble fiber is known to aid in the lowering of cholesterol in the body as well as the and the amount of insulin needed to process the blood sugar after eating.

This is a natural laxative and it will be able to hold onto water far longer as well as push waste faster along the intestines, thereby lessening the time that cancerous substances can stay in the intestinal tract.

This type of fiber essentially guards your colon and your intestines from developing colon cancer. It is also helpful in dealing with hemorrhoids by including bulk as well as softening tools.

It is without a doubt that fiber has a hand in keeping us and our intestinal tracts 100% healthy. If you do not really take it into heart, then you will essentially be looking at some complications regarding your intestine, if not now, later in the future.

So be safe, make sure that you get enough fiber in your daily diet. You’ll be able to notice the wonderful effects both now and the future.