Count Your Calories

Whenever you are talking about losing weight, you need to understand what makes you gain and lose weight. The key to losing weight is that you have to be able to manage your calories.

Since your weight is an important balancing act, you should always see to it that you don’t go over one side too much or else you’ll end up either underweight or overweight.

You should remember that regardless of the type, name or author of the diet, one thing remains constant: your body needs calories. One of the things that the body needs is energy.

Calories are the source of energy for all people. These are the things that will enable you to run, walk, jump, skip and sleep. All of the necessary bodily functions are fueled by calories. However, one should be able to accurately weigh how much calories he or she is taking in or else more calories will mean more fat.

The different types of food groups should give you an insight on how many calories it approximately contains per gram of serving. For carbohydrates and proteins, they have around 4 calories per gram.

Fats have more than double that amount with 9 calories per gram. One of the surest ways to get in more calories without you knowing is by taking in alcohol as it has around 7 calories per gram.

You should remember that wherever they may come from, the calories that one eats are either transformed into energy for the body to utilize or fat.

Unless you use these stored calories either by trimming down your calorie intake per day so your body could tap into these stored calories or by exercising more and increasing your physical activity so that you’ll be able to burn more calories, this fat will remain stored in your body.

So in order to solve this dilemma, you should learn one of the few steps that you can take towards losing weight-counting calories. This could be as simple as knowing how many calories your favorite McDonald’s meal contains.

Most of the establishments nowadays will give you a rough (and in some cases accurate) estimate on how many calories you’ll be downing once you eat a particular meal.

Know how many you are taking in and how many you are burning. By the time that you create a calorie deficit, that is when the pounds start to shed off. You’ll appreciate the efforts you’ve done in the future and of course be a bit lighter for a change.