Stretches You Can Do at Work

stretches at workSpending long hours in your office cubicle can be very draining, but there is a way to revive your energy by performing simple exercises to awaken your "sleeping muscles and joints". Stretching is also beneficial to your health because it makes you breathe deeper and therefore bring more oxygen to your brain. It also releases stress stored in your muscles, and helps your body remove toxins from your tissues.

While doing the following stretches, remember that you need to breathe deeply and slowly, stretch your muscles slowly up to the point when you feel your most relaxed limit, holding it for at least 20 seconds.

Touch the sky – Reach your arms up, as far back as your body can take you. Keep your fingers extended, as if you are trying to reach the stars.

Side stretch – Stand up, reach your one arm over head and lean to the opposite side. Keep your other hand on your hop or in the air as well. Hold for 20 seconds, then do the other side.

Touch toes – Take off your shoes if you can and wiggle your toes. Then, bend at the hip and reach for your toes. If you cannot reach it, try bending your knees as well.

Shoulder opener – Lean your palms against the wall above your head, then bend at the hip and stretch your shoulders and back.

Joint twirls – Make circles out of your wrists and ankles. Rotate in one direction first, then going by the other side. You could also alternate the circles on your wrists by making fists and opening your hands wide.

Neck stretch – Slowly stretch your neck forward and back, then on each side, round in circles, and finally twist and look over each shoulder. Keep in mind that you should keep your movement slow and gentle.

Arm stretch – Straighten one arm in front of you. Then, with your other arm, pull the straight arm toward your opposite shoulder. Keep your hands open while doing this stretch. Repeat the procedure on the other arm.

Arm circles – Stand and rotate each arm around in big circles both forward and backward. Do it slowly, one arm at a time

Seated twist – Sit up straight, then twist your chair but keep your hips stationary. Twist all the way from lower back all the way up to your head looking over your shoulder.

Quad stretch – Stand on one leg and stretch out your quadricep muscle by bending your knee and pulling your foot to your buttocks. If you can, bend at the hip and touch your toes while doing this stretch.

Hip opening stretch – Sit on your chair. Cross one leg over the other so that your ankle rests just above the knee. Then, lean forward to feel your hips and buttocks stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

Seated back bend – Sit on the edge of your chair with arms in the air, then simply reach up and back.