Men's Fitness Workout Programs

men fitness wourkoutNowadays, working out does not involve bulking your muscles like the days of Mr. Universe. Today’s ideal male body that most women find attractive is that of a professional swimmer, lean and toned with just the right amount of muscle and body fat. As simple as this body may appear, it is not easy to achieve it. Follow the right training procedures and make sure that you are eating right.

What should I avoid?

Don’t eat anything. It is a common misconception among "beefcakes" that increased consumption of food and work out equals increased muscle mass. Well, doing this would actually add mass, but a greater portion of it will be body fat. Besides, you are definitely missing your mark if you are aiming for a toned physique.

Do not neglect the cardio training if you want to get that lean look. In the old days, doing cardio was considered bad as it burned calories that could potentially go towards muscle growth. As we know by now, those "body mass" that they thought as muscle growth is actually fat.

Do not take long rest periods during sets. While taking rests in between sets helps you let your muscles recover, reducing the rest time will actually increase your metabolism and helps you get even leaner.

What should I do?

Do some supersets. It is an exercise technique where you perform one set of an exercise for one muscle group and then another set for an antagonistic group. For instance, complete one set of bicep curls followed by one set of overhead tricep presses. Since these muscles oppose one another, you are actually working out on one group while the another is resting. This both cuts down on your total workout time, yet increases the overall amount of calories burned during your training session.

Opt for circuit speed training. It works similarly with supersets, but instead of working on opposing muscle group, you complete an entire circuit of exercises for your entire body. Meaning, you perform one set of each exercise before moving one the next one with little or no rest in between. One you finish one whole circuit, take a few minutes to rest and then complete it again one to three more times.

Do cardio sprint training, otherwise known as interval training. This cardio workout allows you to push your body for a short period of time and then take a period of rest and recover before going once again. This helps your fast twitch muscle fibers and will kick your metabolism into high gear. Try incorporating at least two sessions of interval training per week, one focusing on longer intervals of one minute with two minutes of rest, and the other with shorter intervals of 20 to 30 seconds with one and a half minutes of rest. The shorter the interval, the more intense the workout should be.

Exercise using your own body weight. This process is call plyometric traning and are great for developing explosive power and strength. Since your are not acting against a heavy weight load, you will not get the same bulk effect in your body. Examples of this workout include jumping up and down a high box, squat jumps, and clapping push-ups.

Don’t forget to stretch. Eat five to six times a day using smaller servings