How to Build Muscle Mass

build musclesWe’ve all seen those overly muscled men and women in wrestling shows. How do they build those muscles? You may not want to have those gigantic muscles but you certainly don’t want to be a scrawny scarecrow forever. Here are some tips to build your muscles.

Build your muscles with weights- Free weights are some of the most effective means of gaining muscle. To build muscle mass, you have to push your muscles to exert themselves to about 80 to 90 percent of its limit. This forces the body to bulk up its muscles in anticipation of a greater workload over the course of a few weeks. If you want to increase your endurance and muscle tone, you will have to settle for low-intensity, high- repetition exercises.

Drink lots of water- Always have water with you and keep hydrated. Increased fluid intake can help you flush out the fats in your body. It also helps your body function better.

Lose Fat- If it is necessary lose fat. This is the only way to get muscle. You can do this in a variety of healthy ways. Go for healthy foods such as vegetables, grains, and fruits, and avoid processed foods, fats, some oils, and eat meat in moderation

Change your food habits– Check your personal eating habits and any detrimental vices you may indulge in. Eating a balanced diet with carbohydrates (rice, corn, or bread), protein (meat), and vegetables; is a good foundation for healthy living. Low-fat milk adds needed calcium which helps strengthen your teeth and bones.

Rest- Make sure you get a decent eight hour night sleep. Without rest there can be no room for your body to grow. Your body needs rest to repair tissue and to grow muscle. When you are weight training, make sure you get days off to give your body a chance to rest and repair.

Listen to your body– If an exercise doesn’t “feel” right, stop at once. Pushing yourself could lead to injury. Or at the very least plain boredom. Use exercises that feel good to you.

Change your routine often- Don’t allow your body to adapt to any set routine. Use different exercises, set and rep patterns. Do things in a different order. This is good for your motivation and boredom as well.

Maintain your weekly workout– The total body workout should be performed 3 times a week on alternate days. A Monday- Wednesday- Friday- routine works well and it leaves the weekends free.