Gym Etiquette

gym Paying attention to one’s own body and working it out has always been a good discipline. For first time gym-goers, entering the gym could be a terrifying experience as it could give them either the inspiration or self-consciousness upon seeing a bunch of beautifully-sculpted bodies scattered around.

Experiencing this stage is normal, but it is important to improve the social quality of the gym experience by practicing good gym etiquette, which is much of a safety issue. As with most social conventions, gym etiquette is actually based in common sense.

Here are some general rules to consider:

1. It might be very uneasy on the first day at the gym especially if it’s actually your first tie to workout. Don’t get paranoid on the first walk through the doors of the gym. It may feel that everyone is staring, but it’s really not.

2. Always keep the locker room clean and proper. Pick up your towels, and don’t leave hair or toothpaste in the sink.

3. Learn proper operation of equipment. It’s just proper to ask questions when in doubt.

4. Put weights away as it might be a nuisance for the next person. Besides, weights lying about the floor can be dangerous and weights left hanging on a bar on a rack can deform the bar.

5. Always bring a towel to wipe sweat off the machines.

6. Stick to time limits on aerobic machines.

7. Be aware of the conventions and concepts such as "work in," "circuit training" and "sets." "Working in" is when two or more people share the same equipment–one person using the equipment during another’s rest period. A person who is "circuit training," is going from machine to machine quickly to maximize cardiovascular training and may "work in" or "work through" people doing "sets" on a particular piece of equipment.

8. Do not try to keep up or compete with the person next to you. You will only embarrass yourself. Don’t try to show off and try equate the ability of the other. People who work out seriously do not even know that you exist. They are too involved in their own workout to be worried about humiliating you. You should only be in competition with yourself.

9. Don’t glare at anyone. Staring is rude. A quick glance is okay, but if the person you’re looking at looks back at you, then you’ve gone too far.

10. Always remember that gyms and health clubs are for working out and not for socialization. Don’t disturb others. Many people have limited time in which to workout, and take their work outs seriously. Take your own workout seriously, pay attention to your form and take adequate rests.