Weight Training Improve Metabolism

weight trainingTalk of weight training would usually veer into metabolism. The connection is apparent. It is all about weight loss.

Weight relies on the balance of total calories consumed against total calories burned. Consume more calories and you gain weight. The reverse happens when you take in less. Metabolism is the process of your body converting food into energy.

The amount of calories you burn is determined by three factors: basic needs, food processing, and physical activity. In the same vein, how much calories your body needs is factored by your body size and composition, age, and sex.

Aerobics exercise is a good way to burn calories. That means work is halfway done. Nevertheless, strength training exercises like weight training is needed because it helps counteract muscle loss and muscle tissue burns more calories.

This then leads to the conclusion that increasing lean body mass increases the metabolic rate. And with the faster metabolism comes more fat burning. This is the argument that favors bodybuilders and they have high muscle ratios despite doing minimal aerobic work.

However, the outlook is not always sunny. According to some other research, the resting metabolism rate does not dramatically spike up with increased weight training.

In this case, it is also about taking the good along with the bad.