How to Reduce Fat Belly

reduce fat bellyThe horror of all horrors: when you try to unearthen the mystery hidden behind those fat belly despite your thin stature. However, excess weights in some specific parts of the body still requires for a whole body examination. You can’t dictate that you only want weight to come off one place or another. The truth is, these "trouble spots" are most likely where the fat will come off last. So if you have problem with those fats on the belly, then you have to work double to eliminate that out.

So what’s the best way to deal with those trouble spots and eventually develop a better physique? Building those muscles means more amounts of calories to be maintained. If you were stranded without a food supply, eventually your body would turn to its own muscle tissue as a source of nutrition first while saving the fat stores for last. Building more muscle makes you become a more efficient energy burning machine which translates to mean you can eat more food.

Don’t get jealous with people who seem to eat twice as many as your diet but do not get fat or gain weight. It just means that they have a greater proportion of muscle to fat than you. They are more physically active, that’s why they can easily have those muscles.

Myth: everyone is getting gaga over the saying that one pound of muscle is heavier than one pound of fat. One pound is one pound, regardless of the components. Probably what they really want to emphasize is that one pound volume of muscle is a smaller package than one pound volume of fat. Fat is fluffy. Muscle is compact.

Body weight as a number by itself is meaningless. It is the ratio of fat to muscle is what really matters. Strive to decrease your body fat and increase your muscle mass and you’ll look better, you’ll feel stronger and more energetic and you’ll simply be healthier.

You can generally have your body fat tested at fitness centers and most gyms so ask about having it done. It’s better to work out by keeping track on the body fat rather on the body weight. Most people who think only of how much they weigh tend to do everything to reduce that weight, and it’s usually at the expense of losing more valuable muscle. The best way to increase muscle and decrease fat is through a consistent exercise program. Start at whatever is your beginning, but do start.

We could become so much more fit if we’d just start to notice all the opportunities for physical movement we miss in the name of convenience. Look around and see if you can spot some exercise opportunities, and then get busy and get fit.