Why French Women Don't Get Fat

Author Mireille Guiliano believes that American women should be more like the French. Why? For one, most French women do not get fat, compared to one in three American women who are obese. And to think the French usually do not diet at all. They eat cream, butter, cheeses, and meat, things that your personal trainer would frown upon.

The reason is mainly because of their active and worry-free lifestyle, while most of their American counterparts would rather live in a fast-paced, calculated world. In her book "French Women Don’t Get Fat," Guiliano wants her readers to integrate these highly-effective French habits to cutout the frustrating tasks of counting calories, avoiding carbohydrates, and other extreme forms of dieting.

The method is simple: increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your diet; eating just three meals a day without oversized servings; drinking more water; and increasing everyday physical activity. In this way, you still be rewarded with your favorite treats from time to time.

This lifestyle-based diet plan encourages you to enjoy eating, consuming only the foods that you love to satisfy your hunger. Guiliano also suggests to avoid the scale and instead monitor your weight by how fit you get into your pants. If closing the pants zipper becomes more of a challenge, you should change your lifestyle and eating habits.

The book, which can also be accessed through its website, includes many recipes that prove you do not have to eliminate and replace ingredients to stay fit and trim. Some of her hot dishes include grilled peaches with lemon and thyme, snapper with almonds, and even a flourless chocolate cake. Meanwhile, the online club also provides access to fitness articles and experts. You can join the online community for just $19.95 a month.

Is there a downside to living this way? Living your life in a completely different approach that does not restrict the way you eat can definitely make you realize why French women aren’t fat.