The Detox Diet

With all of the different types of foods that one eats within a lifetime, it’s bound for a person to cave in and succumb to the different taste sensations that are readily available. A little slice of cake here, a few bags of the new potato chip variety there. So what can one possibly do to rid himself of all the processed foods that are out there? Enter the detox diet.

What is Detox Diet?

A detox or "detoxification" diet is a diet that is designed to flush out the harmful toxins that are found in one’s body. During these seven to ten day treatments, the patients are recommended to take in meals that are mainly composed of liquids.

Which foods should i eat?

Smoothies, broths and teas are all that is allowed in this type of diet. These aforementioned liquids are the ones which are best to take during the detox period. It is said that those who undergo this type of detoxification process end up losing weight, gain more energy and become healthier in the process.

The detox diets usually suggest that fruits and vegetables will be the major source of one’s food intake. This can be limited to unprocessed and sometimes non-GM type of foods. It is also important to eliminate alcohol in this particular diet. One other thing to remember is to simply drink more water.

Some of the detoxification rules include taking out foods which are hard on the metabolism including caffeine, processed food which includes any bread, pre-made or canned food, salt, sugar, wheat, red meat, pork, fried and deep friend food, yellow cheese, cream, butter, margarine, shortening and alcohol.

Instead, people who undergo a detox diet should stick to raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains (except white rice), legumes, raw nuts and seeds, fish, vegetable oils, herbs, herbal teas and finally water.

Some of the other rules that a detox diet follows are water and juice fasting, increased intake of fish such as salmon, food combining, calorie restriction, herbal detox and the Master Cleanse diet which includes the lemonade diet.

A detox diet is a type of diet that should be taken seriously. It is something that is of most importance simply because of the fact that people will be required to restrict calories and eat foods which are normally not part of their diet. It is important that one would take these into account before starting a diet similar to this. However, as with all natural diets, it will pay off in the end.

Some proponents of detox diets would emphasize it as a lifestyle, rather than a diet. It has made some appearances in the media, such as in Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary film Super-Size Me. Literary references include "Ultimate Lifetime Diet"[2] by Gary Null advocating veganism as a (lifestyle) method of detoxification.