The Celebrity Diets

The so-called celebrity diet is not just a single diet regimen. In fact, a celebrity diet comprises of several popular diets that have one thing in common- they are being followed (and sometimes endorsed) by popular celebrities.

Celebrity diets become popular in that they are pushed into the limelight because a certain star is using one in order to lose weight and stay in shape. Most of the time, their popularity rises and wanes with the celebrity’s own. But they may also stay popular depending on how such diets are successful in helping the celebrities stay in tip top shape.

Celebrity diets come and go. And there have been a lot of them that people have become aware of. Their initial appeal mostly originates from how the diet regimen has affected the celebrity’s physical shape.

If effective, and with the media hading out the diet secrets, these celebrity diets begin to gain popularity among the more and more people. Here are just some of the celebrity diets that have come into popular consciousness:

Atkins Diet – Atkins became a popular celebrity diet when start such as Jennifer Aniston and Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell. This diet works by excluding carbs in the daily food consumption which brings about rapid weight loss. Many nutritionists say that diets that try to exclude carbohydrates can be harmful to your health.

South Beach Diet  – This diet originated in the beach area of the same name in Miami sometime in the 1990’s. This diet emphasizes the consumption of "good fats" and "good carbohydrates". Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Bette Midler and Nicole Kidman have tried the diet and made it popular in one way or another.

Cabbage Soup Diet – A pretty unusual and unique diet to follow, the cabbage soup diet has been tried by celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar in order to stay in shape. It is a low calorie diet that is based on the consumption of cabbage soup along with fruits, vegetables with meat reserved further along the diet regimen. This diet can lead to short term weight loss but may be very difficult to maintain on the long term.

GI Diet – The Glycemic Index, or GI diet is based on consumption of foods that release sugar slowly into the bloodstream. This allows people to enjoy a steady supply of energy without the troughs and peaks that a sudden sugar energy boost can give. Australian superstar Kylie Minogue is known to follow such a diet.