Sugar Busters: What It Is

What is Sugar Busters?

The Sugar Busters diet is based on eliminating consumption of sugar as well as high glycemic carbohydrates in order to lower blood insulin.

In this type of diet, sweets made out of or containing refined sugar are eliminated as well as eating certain fruits and vegetables known to have high sugar content. A high sugar diet is said to ruin the body’s natural biochemical system.

The theory behind the Sugar Busters diet is based on the body’s ability to produce insulin. When a person eats a snack or a meal that is high in carbohydrates, it can increase the level of glucose in the bloodstream very quickly.

With this increase in blood glucose levels, the pancreas is stimulated to produce and release the hormone insulin. With more insulin in the blood stream, the body is unable to convert glucose into glycogen more efficiently, which is used by the body for immediate energy needs. Increased insulin in the bloodstream may also affect the ability of the body to store and hold glycogen.

Another result of an increase in insulin production is that it can inhibit the body from using stored fat for energy when required. The Sugar Busters diet aims to keep the body’s need for insulin very low so that insulin resistance can be reduced. When a body has an increased insulin resistance, it can become insensitive to the normal insulin levels in the bloodstream which will later on lead to obesity and can result into Type II diabetes.

What you can eat?

In the Sugar Busters diet, consumption of refined sugar is eliminated along with white flour and all its products. It can be considered as a reduced carbohydrate diet although it offers less restriction. This type of diet also does not follow phases wherein the carbs are consumed in very low amounts. Carbohydrate intake can average around 40 percent of the Sugar Busters diet and may go as high as 50 to 55 percent.

One of the advantages of the Sugar Busters diet is that it can be simple to follow. An individual on this diet does not go to different diet phases, portion measuring or counting. A bit of knowledge on what foods to avoid and eliminate is what may be required from the individual planning to go on a Sugar Busters diet.

This diet also follows a dietary regimen that is high in fiber and other nutrients since about 40 percent of the calories consumed is sourced from vegetables, fruits and whole grains.