South Beach Diet Basics

The South Beach Diet has become quite a popular diet regimen today. The reason for this popularity might be due to the diet’s appeal to many Hollywood celebrities who have their battle with weight problems placed on the spotlight and succeeded, thanks to the south Beach diet. Through this, people become aware of the diet plan and then used it to help them with their own battle with the bulge.

What is South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet is a diet plan that was developed by a cardiologist in Miami, Florida by the name of Arthur Agatston. The diet was initially planned for the cardiologist’s patients with heart problems as well as having serious issues with their weight. Dr. Agatston found out that his patients have a difficult time sticking to conventional low-fat diets. This led the doctor to devise a new diet plan that not only would help his patients with controlling their weight, a crucial factor in heart health, as well as fairly easy to stick to for long periods.

The South Beach Diet is focused on trying to strike up a balance between the consumption of carbohydrates and fat. The diet tries to recommend the consumption of good carbs and fats. Decreasing the consumption of bad carbs such as those found on highly processed foods like sweets and baked goods will help the body metabolize food more efficiently. Not only that, eating good carbs also helps in improving the body’s insulin resistance, the primary means of how people lose weight through the South Beach Diet.

South Beach Diet Phase

The South Beach Diet is divided into three different phases. Each of the three different phases include allowable food type as well as meal plans that dieters can follow.

Phase One of the South Beach Diet is considered as the strictest and lasts for about two weeks. In this phase, dieters try to eliminate the body’s insulin resistance by trying to avoid those bad carbs that are considered high-glycemic foods such as white bread, sweets, cereals and grains. The purpose of the Phase One diet is to correct the way the body acts to the food eaten. This phase try to emphasize consuming lean meats such as chicken, fish and shellfish. Dieters are expected to lose from eight to twelve pounds during this initial phase.

Phase Two of the diet allows some of the avoided foods in Phase One to be included in the diet. The avoided foods in the initial phase is slowly introduced into the daily diet. This way, the body still continues to lose weight as it gets accustomed to the Phase Two diet.

Phase Three of the South Beach Diet is for maintenance and should be followed for life in order to reap the most benefits of the said diet. All throughout the diet, good carbohydrates and good fats are chosen over the bad carbs and fats.