Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

People who may have heard of the Mayo Clinic Diet may not know that there are actually two kinds of diet sharing the same name. There is the so-called unofficial Mayo Clinic Diet that was purported to be used on cardiac wards for heart patients that need to lose weight quickly.

What is Mayo Clinic Diet?

The so-called diet is a plan that is based on mainly the consumption of eggs, meat and grapefruit. The grapefruit is said to be the catalyst for fat burning in the body that allows it to lose weight over a period of time by following its diet plan.

But the unofficial diet has since been known not to originate from the famed Mayo Clinic and the institution has not approved of its use due to its diet plan that is based on a high cholesterol and saturated fat diet. The Mayo Clinic advises people that it is a myth not to follow such a diet.

But the Mayo Clinic has come up with its own official diet plan that is based on the clinic’s research and clinical experience. This diet recognizes the fact that in order to be successful in long term weight management, people should focus on the type of foods being eaten rather than on the pounds being lost. Focus on health is also an important aspect of the official Mayo Clinic Diet.

The official Mayo Clinic Diet encourages following a long term diet lifestyle that allows people to maintain weight that is healthy for each individual according to his or her body type. This type of diet is actually a program that consists of four essential components: adopting a meal plan using the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid, increase in physical activity, setting action goals and staying motivated.

Eating Through the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid

The Mayo Clinic diet plan has been designed by medical professionals from the noted institution. It tries to promote a diet that consists of fruit and vegetables and the main food group followed by starchy carbs and then protein and dairy. Fats and sweets take the topmost spots which also mean that they should be taken less than the other food groups mentioned.

With the food plan incorporating the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid, people can adopt an eating plan that doesn’t provide severe restrictions on the foods that you eat. It does not promote extreme hunger and deprivation as a way to losing or managing weight.

The weight pyramid focuses on foods that can be eaten in generous amounts but contain a small number of calories such as those found in fruits and vegetables. As one goes up towards the top of the pyramid, there are types of foods that need to be taken in moderation.

For carbohydrates, it focuses on whole-grain or starchy carbs and on lean protein sources such as those found in legumes, fish and dairy. The fats recommended are those that belong to the heart-friendly unsaturated fats type.

The official Mayo Clinic diet also recommends increasing physical activity in order to help maintain the weight control program. Being active helps the body to burn up calories from the food taken in. This allows the individual to lose and maintain an ideal weight in a healthy way.