Drinking Green Tea May Help You Lose Weight

Green tea has gained popularity over the last few years, as evidenced from the many products promoting green tea. From green tea-flavored cakes and pastries to green tea ice cream and frappuccino, it has definitely taken many forms in the market. Green tea is now becoming the beverage of choice, replacing such beverages as coffee and black tea.

Green tea is seen as a valuable asset for losing weight. It is used to jump start weight loss plans as reports show the positive effects of including green tea in your diet. Unlike most fad diets which leave out vital nutrients that the body needs for an all-in-one solution, green tea proves to be a healthy choice and a useful supplement to any diet.

Green tea acts as a metabolic stimulant, with green tea extracts giving a boost to your body’s metabolism to quickly burn calories. This boost doesn’t come from caffeine, but from a specific concentration of a naturally occurring chemical found in green tea. Catechin acts directly on your metabolism by increasing body heat or thermogenesis to help the body burn fat. According to studies, drinking a cup or two of green tea a day could increase the body’s rate of burning calories by 3-4 %.

The continuous intake of green tea also plays another role in dieting. It is said to reduce appetite which naturally leads to weight loss. This is mostly an effect of green tea acting as a glucose regulator. As the herb regulates the body’s insulin levels, rise in blood sugar and food storage are prevented. Therefore, weight gain is also avoided. Carbohydrates found in most foods you eat are immediately worked off by just drinking a cup of green tea after every meal. The polyphenols in green tea are in charge of digesting fatty deposits in the body.

Although green tea also contains caffeine, it doesn’t come with high amounts of sugar and cream as much caffeine drinks do. So if you want to take in the abovementioned benefits and cut down on some calories, substitute your usual sugary and creamy morning drink to a healthier, herbal alternative.

As one of the most common household herbs, green tea is readily available not just for afternoon tea parties, but for any time of the day. Drinking green tea is the best and most effective way to get its full benefits. Take it in its original form, by dipping green tea bags in hot water for a few minutes. Some ready-to-drink, green tea-flavored drinks are also a hit in the market today. Though these commercial drinks only contain small amounts of tea.

There are also diet pills which consist of green tea as their main active ingredient. Green tea also comes in the form of a patch, which you stick on your body for a few hours for your skin to absorb. Manufacturers of these diet patches claim that a patch equals to 20 cups of green tea with only 63 grams of caffeine. This indicates that such green tea patches are not natural and some anti-oxidants may have been lost during the manufacturing process.