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  • Factors Associated With Elevated Blood Pressure Levels

    Factors Associated With Elevated Blood Pressure Levels

    Your blood pressure levels can be an indication of your health. When your blood pressure reading is elevated, you eventually begin to develop serious health conditions. Getting that normal blood pressure reading can require changing bad habits, reducing stress, and following a healthy lifestyle. There are also other things that may have an effect on […]

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  • Diet and Exercise Websites

    Diet and Exercise Websites

    Get information on diet and exercise from these diet and exercise websites.MyPyramid.gov Get information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on improving your health with interactive tools to create a better diet.American Heart Association Get information on keeping your heart healthy and your cholesterol down.FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Get information from the source of food and drug nutrition. American Obesity Association One of the Internet's most comprehensive sites...

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  • Health Risks of Obesity

    Health Risks of Obesity

    Obesity has become a major health concern in many countries. An overweight person is considered obese if the body mass index reaches 30, while an obese person is diagnosed as "morbidly obese" once BMI reaches 40 (or, in a few cases, "malignant obese" if BMI reaches 50). Being overweight also puts a person at risk against life-threatening diseases, which can be seen after 10 to 30 years of being obese.Here are what you should learn about the health risks involved in obesity.Abdominal obesity carr...

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