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  • Factors Affecting Your Weight Loss

    Factors Affecting Your Weight Loss

    Losing weight takes discipline and time. It can also be quite complex in a way. Good results don’t come simply as a matter of doing one thing again and again. There are certain factors in play when it comes to losing or even gaining weight. Having a good understanding of them will enable you to […]

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  • Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

    Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

    People have been exposed to so many diet tips, myths and advices over the course of their lives. They've seen so many exercise machines and infomercials regarding the newest diet fad to hit the market and most of these people have actually tried them out. However, it would be important to note that not all people who've watched these shows and tried these things out have lost any significant amount of weight. If they have, they probably gained it all back and more. One of the things that you can...

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  • Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

    Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

    There will come a time in your dieting life that you will eventually hit a plateau. It’s not really a question of whether you’ll hit it or not but a question of when. These roadblocks are like bad weather that you encounter on a long and arduous hike. It’s more than likely that you’ll eventually run into them but in the same way, you’ll be better off prepared for it than not. So, if you do happen to hit some plateaus within your workout regimen, you might want to ch...

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  • Women's Biggest Diet Mistakes

    Women's Biggest Diet Mistakes

    Some women think that they are eating healthy but there may be some habits that can destroy a woman’s diet. This is mainly due to ignorance or because some women delude themselves into thinking that what they are doing isn’t adversely affecting the way they diet. Just because you are obsessed with dieting doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting the results that you want. A study claims that women are unintentionally taking in more calories than they think. This is because of ...

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  • Weight Loss: Strategies for Success

    Weight Loss: Strategies for Success

    After asking yourself of why you wish to lose your weight, the next step is figuring how to go about it. There are many ways as how you can lose weight but of course there are necessary precautions. The greatest reward would be for you is having to keep up with your regimen and commitment to losing weight. After all you want to be in shape not because of others but more importantly, it is a commitment to yourself and body. And now that you are serious about it, what are the next steps? Setting G...

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