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  • Diet Tips That You’re Better Off Not Following

    Diet Tips That You’re Better Off Not Following

    People who wish to keep fit usually have some diet tips in mind that they follow. Experienced dieters know which ones are good to follow and which ones are not. For those who are new to the fitness scene, they usually follow along those tips that they read online. Unfortunately, some of these tips are […]

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  • The Long, Slow Burn

    The Long, Slow Burn

    Have you ever experienced becoming hungry in the middle of the afternoon, around 3pm? This is one of the times that you've most probably grabbed a chocolate bar in order to get you through the day. If you have felt that particular hunger pang, you might not have been taking advantage of the long, slow burn.In order to take advantage of the long, slow burn, you should try eating healthy foods and nutritionally balanced meals aside from eating regular meals. This is quite difficult for some people...

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  • Popular Diet Myths

    Popular Diet Myths

    You have a lot of diet myths going around most especially because people have become more and more paranoid. But how do you know which is fact and what is myth? Here are several of the popular diet myths and we give you the different explanations that we have researched. Low-fat or no-fat diets are good for you.One of the things that people depend on is the type of food that they eat. It's because they always look to no-fat diets or low-fat food for their weight loss dreams. They may be able to ...

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  • Unconventional Diet Tips

    Unconventional Diet Tips

    If you’ve been dieting for quite a while now and haven’t seen results because you keep on getting discouraged because of the results that you’re not seeing or feeling, you might want to re-tailor your diet and make some painful and necessary changes. If you’re not going to bite the bullet, then it won’t be a fruitful endeavor for you. Try and implement these things in your life and stick to them and you might just see the results faster than you can spell “wei...

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  • Common Diet Tips

    Common Diet Tips

    Don't you just hate it when you try to go on another one of those diets and then coming out of it only a pound or two lighter or sometimes even heavier than when you first weighed in? It's a frustrating and delicate balancing act when one goes on a diet. It is as difficult as holding water in the palm of your hand because people are not meant to eat less but "eat right". It is one of the most common misconceptions of dieting: eating less, period. To some extent, that statement could be true but ...

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  • How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

    How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

    Everyone wants to lose weight-or at least just those people who are on the heavy side. It seems no surprise that over the years there have been different ways that people have dealt with this type of problem. There are those who have tried to shed off the excess pounds by turning to the gym for cardiovascular and aerobic exercise while there are those who have put their hope in exercise equipments. But for those other people who think that exercise is not an English word, there is the alternativ...

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  • The Quest for a Healthy Diet

    The Quest for a Healthy Diet

    Ever felt that you can do so much better if you had more energy? Or ever wished that you felt better about yourself? Or that you can be more lean or buff or appealing or anything? Of course there are other ways to address these concerns, such as developing self-esteem and self-confidence along with considering whether or not you need a psychiatrist to help sort you out, or figuring out whether walking for thirty minutes a day to endless hours in the mall enough to release much needed endorphins ...

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