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  • Vitamin D for Strong Muscle

    Vitamin D for Strong Muscle

    Many of us grown ups do not mind or rather do not include the vitamin with the label D in our diets. Little do we know that this specific vitamin can help us in growing healthy and fit as we have to have it in order for us to make use of the other vitamins related to it.We all want to have a good and healthy bone structure. Having healthy bones will make us look younger, firmer, and attractive. Good looking muscles to add will make us look more fabulous. To bag package of having strong bones and...

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  • The Truth About Vitamins

    The Truth About Vitamins

    Vitamins enable your body's cells to work properly. This is because they regulate the growth as well as the repair of tissues. They also are able to encourage energy production of the body. One needs to ensure that they get the RDA or the Recommended Daily Amount of each vitamin. This is accomplished by getting your five servings of vegetables as well as fruits each day. There are also other cereals which have the recommended daily amounts as well as other foods. You may also add in a helping of...

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  • Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

    Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

    There is no evidence that vitamin B-12 in any form — including vitamin B-12 injections — enhances weight loss. One study published in 2005 suggested that people who took a number of different supplements, including vitamin B-12, gained weight more slowly over a 10-year period than did those who took no supplements. However, many factors have to be considered, including the fact that people who take dietary supplements tend to be more health conscious, which may contribute to better w...

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