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  • Which Is More Fattening: Fats or Carbs?

    Which Is More Fattening: Fats or Carbs?

    Several types of diet has been made available for everybody. Most of them actually focuses on cutting down or in fact even stop consuming fats or any carbohydrates. Is it true that carbohydrate when consumed easily turns and stored in our body as fats. The fat from food also has the same effect.The calorie from fat that one will get will cause any person the similar amount of weight when they consume calories from eating carbohydrates. The issue on whether one can be fuller when eating carbohydr...

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  • When Fat-Free is Not Zero Fat

    When Fat-Free is Not Zero Fat

    Rows and rows of fat-free products are displayed on grocery shelves. This selling point has lured millions of consumers into a fat-free lifestyle, but is there any truth about foods being "fat-free"?When is it called fat-free?For a product to be fat-free, it should contain less than half a gram of fat per serving. The problem, however, is when more than one serving is consumed. In that case, you do not have a "fat-free" diet anymore as those fractions of a gram would count towards your daily fat...

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  • Fats You Can Eat

    Fats You Can Eat

    Fat is important in one's diet. Yes, it should be a very important part of one's diet simply because it is important for one's metabolism. After a meal with some fat, you don't feel that ravenous after a couple of hours of eating. Therefore, fat helps you from overeating as well as bingeing. More importantly, when it comes to your metabolism, fat functions much like protein. It has the ability to extend the energy boosting and metabolism-enhancing effects of the carbohydrates by being able to sl...

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