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  • Anti-Aging Super Foods

    Anti-Aging Super Foods

    Trying to stop aging may seem impossible. After all, no one can turn back time or stay young forever. But it is possible to try and slow down aging. Aside from regular physical activity, following the right diet with anti-aging foods will also help. Here are just some of them. Sweet Potatoes Eating sweet potatoes […]

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  • Foods That Help Reduce Blood Pressure

    Foods That Help Reduce Blood Pressure

    Reducing blood pressure levels is important for people who suffer from hypertension. Aside from medication, foods can also help lower your blood pressure levels. Here are some examples that may help reduce your elevated blood pressure. Ground Black Pepper Black pepper can help in your quest to lower your blood pressure levels. With a reduction […]

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  • Immune System Boosters For You Diet

    Immune System Boosters For You Diet

    A healthy immune system is important in the efficient function of your body. It helps protect you against infections by fighting off harmful invading pathogens. There are many factors in maintaining a healthy immune system. Your diet is a big factor in that. You can help boost it up further by eating foods that benefit […]

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  • Foods That Help Boost Up Your Immune System

    Foods That Help Boost Up Your Immune System

    Your immune system has the important function of protecting your body against possible infections. Keeping it working optimally is a matter of keeping your body healthy. Foods do have an effect of making your immune system strong. Here are some foods that may help boost it up. Garlic Garlic is a common spice found in […]

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  • Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Through Your Diet

    Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Through Your Diet

    Your cholesterol levels can have an effect on your health. High cholesterol levels that go unchecked can cause certain health problems. Having an increase of bad cholesterol levels can lead to narrow blood vessels as they pile up into the vessel walls over time. While there are certain instances where this condition may be a […]

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  • Which Is More Fattening: Fats or Carbs?

    Which Is More Fattening: Fats or Carbs?

    Several types of diet has been made available for everybody. Most of them actually focuses on cutting down or in fact even stop consuming fats or any carbohydrates. Is it true that carbohydrate when consumed easily turns and stored in our body as fats. The fat from food also has the same effect.The calorie from fat that one will get will cause any person the similar amount of weight when they consume calories from eating carbohydrates. The issue on whether one can be fuller when eating carbohydr...

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  • Vitamin D for Strong Muscle

    Vitamin D for Strong Muscle

    Many of us grown ups do not mind or rather do not include the vitamin with the label D in our diets. Little do we know that this specific vitamin can help us in growing healthy and fit as we have to have it in order for us to make use of the other vitamins related to it.We all want to have a good and healthy bone structure. Having healthy bones will make us look younger, firmer, and attractive. Good looking muscles to add will make us look more fabulous. To bag package of having strong bones and...

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  • The Wonders of Whole Grains

    The Wonders of Whole Grains

    Whole grains now have become a popular health food among the fitness conscious crowd. Aside from being a staple for most of the global population, whole grains have been looked upon differently by people who wish to stay healthy and keep in shape. There is good reason why whole grains have become important in the diet of most people today. Whole grains are one of the most nutritious food group to add in one's diet. There are quite a number of benefits that eating whole grains can provide the bod...

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  • Low-Calorie Summer Cocktails

    Low-Calorie Summer Cocktails

    No girl likes to diet, but we all like to fit into our bikini as well!Refreshing cocktails are bound to be part of the festivities in the summer. But if you're not careful, you could add up to hundreds of hidden calories.Here are four smart solutions from's Lisa Lillien for cutting down on cocktail calories. Mojito6 oz. diet lemon-lime soda12 mints leavesĀ¼ lime, sliced1 Ā½ oz. Rum5 to 8 ice cubesPulverize mint and lime in glass.Add soda and rum.Stir well.Add ice.Garnish with mint ...

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  • Nutritional Benefits of The Strawberry

    Nutritional Benefits of The Strawberry

    Strawberries were first propagated in Rome before it became the most popular fruit berry worldwide. This berry is which is really not a berry but a flower being a member of the rose family is not just some aphrodisiac. Strawberries is rich with many nutritional benefits.Just like cabbage, cauliflower, mango, red peppers, watermelon, squash and papaya, the strawberry provides Vitamin C which is even more than an orange. It consists of a lot of vitamins such as manganese and potassium, fiber and a...

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