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  • Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Spending long hours in your office cubicle can be very draining, but there is a way to revive your energy by performing simple exercises to awaken your "sleeping muscles and joints". Stretching is also beneficial to your health because it makes you breathe deeper and therefore bring more oxygen to your brain. It also releases stress stored in your muscles, and helps your body remove toxins from your tissues.While doing the following stretches, remember that you need to breathe deeply and slowly,...

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  • Proper Stretching Techniques

    Proper Stretching Techniques

    A good pre-exercise stretch lengthens muscle fibers. These long, loose fibers are less vulnerable to injury during exercise. With that in mind, let’s take a look on how to stretch your body the proper way.Relax – Total relaxation helps people loosen up under normal conditions. Any technique or method to relax your being is recommended, from visualizing positive thoughts to listening to good background music.Take it slowly – Adequate stretching takes time and does not come from ...

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