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  • Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

    Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

    You need to take care of your immune system in order to stay healthy. It is your body’s first defense against possible infections. There are different things you can do in order to help keep your immune system healthy. Here are just some of them. Keep Hydrated Hydration alone may not exactly protect you from […]

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  • How To Achieve Success In Fitness

    How To Achieve Success In Fitness

    In your goal to get fit, you will need to have dedication and discipline to achieve the needed results. Some people may have the initial willingness to exercise. What can happen is that they sometimes cannot follow it through on the long term. Eventually, they lose their motivation and go back to their old unhealthy […]

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  • Things You Need To Know When Losing Weight

    Things You Need To Know When Losing Weight

    When you are trying to lose weight, you need to have a plan. You also should know the right way and the wrong ways of trying to lose weight. That way, you always take the healthy path to weight loss. But despite all these, there are still some things that people may not always know […]

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  • iTrain, MP3 Workouts by Personal Trainers

    iTrain, MP3 Workouts by Personal Trainers

    You may have noticed a lot of youngsters nowadays are into listening music through their mp3 players. However, do you know that this nifty device you could actually help you lose weight? Introducing the iTrain, a subscription-based program that provides personalized workouts downloaded to your mp3 player. The instructions are relayed through your headphones while you participate in a number of exercises from running on a threadmill, cycling, strength training, pilates, yoga, and even ballet work...

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  • Weight Training Improve Metabolism

    Weight Training Improve Metabolism

    Talk of weight training would usually veer into metabolism. The connection is apparent. It is all about weight loss.Weight relies on the balance of total calories consumed against total calories burned. Consume more calories and you gain weight. The reverse happens when you take in less. Metabolism is the process of your body converting food into energy.The amount of calories you burn is determined by three factors: basic needs, food processing, and physical activity. In the same vein, how much ...

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  • Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Spending long hours in your office cubicle can be very draining, but there is a way to revive your energy by performing simple exercises to awaken your "sleeping muscles and joints". Stretching is also beneficial to your health because it makes you breathe deeper and therefore bring more oxygen to your brain. It also releases stress stored in your muscles, and helps your body remove toxins from your tissues.While doing the following stretches, remember that you need to breathe deeply and slowly,...

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  • How to Reduce Fat Belly

    How to Reduce Fat Belly

    The horror of all horrors: when you try to unearthen the mystery hidden behind those fat belly despite your thin stature. However, excess weights in some specific parts of the body still requires for a whole body examination. You can't dictate that you only want weight to come off one place or another. The truth is, these "trouble spots" are most likely where the fat will come off last. So if you have problem with those fats on the belly, then you have to work double to eliminate that out. So wh...

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  • Gym Etiquette

    Gym Etiquette

    Paying attention to one's own body and working it out has always been a good discipline. For first time gym-goers, entering the gym could be a terrifying experience as it could give them either the inspiration or self-consciousness upon seeing a bunch of beautifully-sculpted bodies scattered around.Experiencing this stage is normal, but it is important to improve the social quality of the gym experience by practicing good gym etiquette, which is much of a safety issue. As with most social conven...

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  • Buying Home Exercise Equipment

    Buying Home Exercise Equipment

    Work always seems to pile up. And trip to the gym is getting pushed backed down to our list of priorities. Precisely because of the hectic schedule, we fail to keep our body fit through regular exercise. We have to admit that the a trip to the gym is getting tedious especially for us that work full time. This days sometimes its no longer practical to get membership from the gym and go there on a regular basis. But we have to recognize the importance of exercise in keeping ourselves fit. Exercise...

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  • Benefits of Brisk Walking

    Benefits of Brisk Walking

    Its great to know that more people are now more conscious of their health as compared before. The trend now is towards having a healthier lifestyle thus a lot of people are trying to squeeze in work out in their busy schedule. Perhaps people have realized the unhealthy lifestyle as much as the importance of the body in living life. How can you live life if your body is not in shape? Truly, the body is our tool and it is our very duty to take care of it. Its good to know that information and reso...

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