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  • Dean Ornish Diet

    Dean Ornish Diet

    The Dean Ornish Diet first started as a diet program aiming to reverse heart disease. The weight loss program for patients with heart problems has been so effective that its maker decided to write a book about it. The program helped its clients in sidestep bypass surgeries, unclog arteries and of course lose a number of pounds.This diet focuses on ones choice of food. The amount of food that one intakes but rather the type of food that one eats is more important. The program provides several hea...

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  • One Day Diet

    One Day Diet

    One Day diet is proven to be one of the best way to lose weight fast. The One Day Diet is not a fad and has been sold and used since 1990s. Mind that this diet does not literally end after a day but it is about being on diet every other day. Hence, you will be on diet for today and enjoy all of your favorite food the next day. This diet formula includes 100% more protein to prevent muscle loss and 40% less calories to lose more fat. How does this Diet Work?During your "Diet Day" you must eat twe...

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