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  • Popular Celebrity Diets

    Popular Celebrity Diets

    Their faces and bodies litter almost every entertainment magazine, supermarket tabloid, and rumor blogs. More often than not, they are complemented for their flawless looks as well as their sculpted bodies. You often wonder what keeps these celebrities fit and slim. The answer is that they exercise regularly and adhere to a particular diet plan. Want to know what celebrity diet programs are a hit among the Hollywood elite? Here are some of them.South Beach DietIt is one of the most popular diets...

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  • Hydroxycut Max for Women

    Hydroxycut Max for Women

    Hydroxycut has been one of the leading fat burner food supplement and it has been mostly focusing on the need of men. Yet again, those days are all gone. The famous fat burner has something to offer the fitness conscious women through its Hydroxycut Max. The supplement was said to have an effect to trigger the fat burning hormone in a woman's body. It is made of twenty-five fantastically different ingredients to form part the most effective fat burner and seemingly regular tablets in the surface...

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  • Dean Ornish Diet

    Dean Ornish Diet

    The Dean Ornish Diet first started as a diet program aiming to reverse heart disease. The weight loss program for patients with heart problems has been so effective that its maker decided to write a book about it. The program helped its clients in sidestep bypass surgeries, unclog arteries and of course lose a number of pounds.This diet focuses on ones choice of food. The amount of food that one intakes but rather the type of food that one eats is more important. The program provides several hea...

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  • Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

    Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

    A lot of recently-introduced fad diets claimed about "the evils" of carbohydrates and how we should avoid them. However, studies have shown that man cannot live without carbs, and also not all people could just give up on their starchy diet. But that does not mean those who are "addicted" to carbohydrates have lost all hope in losing weight.Doctors Richard and Rachael Heller introduced a diet program called Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, based on the fact about carbohydrates results in production o...

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  • Why French Women Don't Get Fat

    Why French Women Don't Get Fat

    Author Mireille Guiliano believes that American women should be more like the French. Why? For one, most French women do not get fat, compared to one in three American women who are obese. And to think the French usually do not diet at all. They eat cream, butter, cheeses, and meat, things that your personal trainer would frown upon. The reason is mainly because of their active and worry-free lifestyle, while most of their American counterparts would rather live in a fast-paced, calculated world...

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  • One Day Diet

    One Day Diet

    One Day diet is proven to be one of the best way to lose weight fast. The One Day Diet is not a fad and has been sold and used since 1990s. Mind that this diet does not literally end after a day but it is about being on diet every other day. Hence, you will be on diet for today and enjoy all of your favorite food the next day. This diet formula includes 100% more protein to prevent muscle loss and 40% less calories to lose more fat. How does this Diet Work?During your "Diet Day" you must eat twe...

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  • Weight Watchers Diet Plan

    Weight Watchers Diet Plan

    The Weight Watchers Diet is an enduringly popular diet plan that has been around since the 1960's. It has long helped people trying to lose weight more effectively. It actually started out as weekly meetings between a few friends trying to discuss the best ways to lose weight. Over time, Weight Watchers has become an organization that numbers is millions of men and women trying to lose weight. What is Weight Watchers DietThe Weight Watchers Diet is based on a calorie control method of losing wei...

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  • eDiets, Online Diet Plan

    eDiets, Online Diet Plan

    Many people have been struggling with weight issues all their life. Trying to get on the challenge to lose excess weight can have them experience only two things- success or failure. People may become discouraged that while some of their fellow dieters following a similar diet regimen are losing weight, their own efforts seem to have no impact. The reason for this is that a certain diet plan may not usually work effectively for everyone. Different people may experience different results when app...

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  • The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

    The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

    The Biggest Loser Diet was made popular by the reality TV show it was named after. The TV show had overweight contestants battling over who gets two lose the most excess baggage over a certain period. The "biggest loser" gets the prize, not only the money but also the distinction of having lost the most weight and ending up with a healthier body. On the TV show, the contestants are given certain challenges as well as the help of personal trainers and nutritionists to help them lose weight during...

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  • South Beach Diet Basics

    South Beach Diet Basics

    The South Beach Diet has become quite a popular diet regimen today. The reason for this popularity might be due to the diet's appeal to many Hollywood celebrities who have their battle with weight problems placed on the spotlight and succeeded, thanks to the south Beach diet. Through this, people become aware of the diet plan and then used it to help them with their own battle with the bulge. What is South Beach Diet?The South Beach Diet is a diet plan that was developed by a cardiologist in Mia...

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