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  • How Much Red Meat Should You Eat

    How Much Red Meat Should You Eat

    Anything in excess can give a bad effect. Several studies has been made with regard to Red Meat and its effects to our body. Not to mention that is has been long suspected for being the cause of having bowel cancer.According to the study of EPIC or the European Study Into Cancer and Nutrition wherein it monitored the diets of men and women for five years within ten different countries it has been concluded that red meats like ham, bacon, lamb, beef, pork and veal are factors that increase the ri...

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  • Healthy Food to Beat Depression

    Healthy Food to Beat Depression

    When one is having a constant change with regard to their appetite and sleep patters, often sad without any reason, often feeling guilty and worthless, becoming such a pessimist, often thinking of suicide or death and feeling odd pain then he or she might be suffering from Depression. When indeed having Depression issues mind that you really do not need a shrink nor be dependent on drugs. Start using food to beat your problem.Food functions like a drug and it is a drug. The food alone just like ...

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  • Nutritional Benefits of The Strawberry

    Nutritional Benefits of The Strawberry

    Strawberries were first propagated in Rome before it became the most popular fruit berry worldwide. This berry is which is really not a berry but a flower being a member of the rose family is not just some aphrodisiac. Strawberries is rich with many nutritional benefits.Just like cabbage, cauliflower, mango, red peppers, watermelon, squash and papaya, the strawberry provides Vitamin C which is even more than an orange. It consists of a lot of vitamins such as manganese and potassium, fiber and a...

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  • Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

    Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

    Many people seem to be asking whether what they drink can make them fat. The simple answer to this is a yes. But it will depend on what kind of drink that you usually take that can make you fat. Taking on weight has been long known to be caused by consuming more calories than what the body can burn as energy. The excess calories eventually becomes fat that is stored in the body for later usage. This results in added weight that one can see and even feel. If you think that it is the food that so...

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  • When Fat-Free is Not Zero Fat

    When Fat-Free is Not Zero Fat

    Rows and rows of fat-free products are displayed on grocery shelves. This selling point has lured millions of consumers into a fat-free lifestyle, but is there any truth about foods being "fat-free"?When is it called fat-free?For a product to be fat-free, it should contain less than half a gram of fat per serving. The problem, however, is when more than one serving is consumed. In that case, you do not have a "fat-free" diet anymore as those fractions of a gram would count towards your daily fat...

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  • Weight Training Improve Metabolism

    Weight Training Improve Metabolism

    Talk of weight training would usually veer into metabolism. The connection is apparent. It is all about weight loss.Weight relies on the balance of total calories consumed against total calories burned. Consume more calories and you gain weight. The reverse happens when you take in less. Metabolism is the process of your body converting food into energy.The amount of calories you burn is determined by three factors: basic needs, food processing, and physical activity. In the same vein, how much ...

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  • The Most Important Meal of The Day

    The Most Important Meal of The Day

    Breakfast has long been called "the most important meal of the day." Recently, more and more studies are backing up this claim.The down-side of not eating breakfastU.S. Doctors at the Harvard Medical School, found that skipping the first meal of the day:increases the chances of becoming obese increases risk of developing diabetesincreases risk of heart attacksSkipping breakfast can most likely make us tired and our brains and bodies run on low fuel. Thus making us less efficient at work and in s...

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  • Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

    Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

    A lot of recently-introduced fad diets claimed about "the evils" of carbohydrates and how we should avoid them. However, studies have shown that man cannot live without carbs, and also not all people could just give up on their starchy diet. But that does not mean those who are "addicted" to carbohydrates have lost all hope in losing weight.Doctors Richard and Rachael Heller introduced a diet program called Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, based on the fact about carbohydrates results in production o...

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  • Find the Hidden Salt in Your Diet

    Find the Hidden Salt in Your Diet

    For most people, a "no salt" diet means not putting salt in the food that you're cooking or eating. The recommended amount of daily salt intake should not be more than 2,300 mg - that's about a teaspoon of salt a day. Yes, you did not reach for the shaker the whole day or even the day before. Surely you're sticking to your "no salt" diet religiously? Guess again. You finished off the entire bag of potato chips? Salt. You ate how many pretzels? Salt. Packaged food? Salt. These three make-up of ab...

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  • Making a Healthy Salad

    Making a Healthy Salad

    Health experts say that with all the meats, cheeses, and other excess ingredients, those salads being served in restaurants and fast-food joints are not the healthiest choice. To make sure that you are getting the health benefits of vegetable salads without the hidden saturated fat and excess calories, you need to prepare them yourself. Here are some tips that you can do to prepare your own healthy salad.Buy the freshest ingredients - Always make sure that you leafy vegetables are crisp and fres...

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