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  • Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Stretches You Can Do at Work

    Spending long hours in your office cubicle can be very draining, but there is a way to revive your energy by performing simple exercises to awaken your "sleeping muscles and joints". Stretching is also beneficial to your health because it makes you breathe deeper and therefore bring more oxygen to your brain. It also releases stress stored in your muscles, and helps your body remove toxins from your tissues.While doing the following stretches, remember that you need to breathe deeply and slowly,...

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  • Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Training Performances

    Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Training Performances

    For athletes who are preparing for a game, the line, "Drink Moderately" may not even be applicable. Alcohol can and will affect an athlete's performance for up to 48 hours after drinking; with higher levels of intoxication lasting even longer.What can drinking alcohol can do?It increases the risk of dehydration as it also increases excretion of urine.It gives complications with body heat regulation, a factor very essential for athletes who greatly depend on enduranceIt reduces blood sugar levels...

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  • Hydration for Athletes

    Hydration for Athletes

    It is important for athletes to be well nourished and well hydrated before going for a workout. Always put in mind that building strength requires athletes to fuel their bodies with the right foods and fluids, putting into consideration the right amount of protein and proper hydration. Dehydration is not the only problem that athletes may acquire. Hyponatremia, or fluid overload, is also common. That's why it's crucial for athletes to strike the proper balance when it comes to hydration. Whether...

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  • How to Reduce Fat Belly

    How to Reduce Fat Belly

    The horror of all horrors: when you try to unearthen the mystery hidden behind those fat belly despite your thin stature. However, excess weights in some specific parts of the body still requires for a whole body examination. You can't dictate that you only want weight to come off one place or another. The truth is, these "trouble spots" are most likely where the fat will come off last. So if you have problem with those fats on the belly, then you have to work double to eliminate that out. So wh...

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  • Sports Drinks: Do You Need Them?

    Sports Drinks: Do You Need Them?

    Probably you have tried and tested sports drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade and Isoport. Some people may not even have to argue that they enjoyed drinking these kinds of drinks even wihout themselves being active or not engaging into any type of intense physical activity. For athletes, intaking sports drink is necessary to keep them hydrated and have their electrolytes easily replaced after hours of intense workouts.Keeping you body hyrdated is important so that you can perspire. The best way to...

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  • The Effects of Caffeine on Exercise Performance

    The Effects of Caffeine on Exercise Performance

    Being one of the most widely used stimulants in the world, caffeine causes the heart rate and blood pressure to increase, making the individual temporarily feel awake and energetic. Foods and beverages like coffee, teas, soft drinks, chocolate and cocoa are few of the most popular foods with caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system which cause the heart rate and blood pressure to increase. The caffeine can also be diuretic, causing the kidneys to excrete more urine. H...

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  • Gym Etiquette

    Gym Etiquette

    Paying attention to one's own body and working it out has always been a good discipline. For first time gym-goers, entering the gym could be a terrifying experience as it could give them either the inspiration or self-consciousness upon seeing a bunch of beautifully-sculpted bodies scattered around.Experiencing this stage is normal, but it is important to improve the social quality of the gym experience by practicing good gym etiquette, which is much of a safety issue. As with most social conven...

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