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  • The Truth About Vitamins

    The Truth About Vitamins

    Vitamins enable your body's cells to work properly. This is because they regulate the growth as well as the repair of tissues. They also are able to encourage energy production of the body. One needs to ensure that they get the RDA or the Recommended Daily Amount of each vitamin. This is accomplished by getting your five servings of vegetables as well as fruits each day. There are also other cereals which have the recommended daily amounts as well as other foods. You may also add in a helping of...

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  • Drinking Green Tea May Help You Lose Weight

    Drinking Green Tea May Help You Lose Weight

    Green tea has gained popularity over the last few years, as evidenced from the many products promoting green tea. From green tea-flavored cakes and pastries to green tea ice cream and frappuccino, it has definitely taken many forms in the market. Green tea is now becoming the beverage of choice, replacing such beverages as coffee and black tea. Green tea is seen as a valuable asset for losing weight. It is used to jump start weight loss plans as reports show the positive effects of including gre...

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  • Herbalife Supplements

    Herbalife Supplements

    There are a hundred different ways that people can lose weight. People may be able to do it through diet and exercise. There are also other who may prefer using weight loss supplements to help them control and maintain a healthy weight. Herbalife is one of those companies that offer people an option to choose from a variety of diet supplements that may help people in their quest to lose weight. Herbalife has quite a number of diet supplements to offer dieters as they try to achieve a healthier s...

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  • Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

    Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

    People who may have heard of the Mayo Clinic Diet may not know that there are actually two kinds of diet sharing the same name. There is the so-called unofficial Mayo Clinic Diet that was purported to be used on cardiac wards for heart patients that need to lose weight quickly. What is Mayo Clinic Diet?The so-called diet is a plan that is based on mainly the consumption of eggs, meat and grapefruit. The grapefruit is said to be the catalyst for fat burning in the body that allows it to lose weig...

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  • Metabolife Supplement

    Metabolife Supplement

    Metabolife is one of the many diet supplements that contains the natural ingredient Ephedrine, found in the ma huang root. However as of April 2004, sales of weight-loss pills containing Ephedrine were banned in the United States and other countries. Its use has been associated with cardiovascular problems, seizures, induced psychosis, and even death to users who were otherwise healthy.Research has also suggested that people taking ephedrine may develop a dependence on it.The makers of Metabolif...

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  • Protein & Your Body: How Important is Protein?

    Protein & Your Body: How Important is Protein?

    Proteins are essential elements of everybody's diet. They constitute a healthy diet because they contain thousands of small units called amino acids. Proteins contain around four calories for each gram. However, the body would preferably use carbohydrates and fat as energy sources instead of protein. Proteins act as the building blocks of the body. Because it contains so many different amino acids that make it possible for our tissues to grow and repair, they are essential in every type of proce...

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  • Count Your Calories

    Count Your Calories

    Whenever you are talking about losing weight, you need to understand what makes you gain and lose weight. The key to losing weight is that you have to be able to manage your calories. Since your weight is an important balancing act, you should always see to it that you don't go over one side too much or else you'll end up either underweight or overweight. You should remember that regardless of the type, name or author of the diet, one thing remains constant: your body needs calories. One of the ...

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  • Avoiding Crash Diets

    Avoiding Crash Diets

    It's been said time and time again: one of the best things to avoid whenever you're dieting is crash diets themselves. These crash diets simply cloud your thinking and set you up for more weight gain in the future. One of the best observable methods to gain weight back is through crash diets. People should simply get this out of their thinking and make a lifestyle change. The only logical way to lose weight is to lose it gradually-over a period of time. There really isn't any quick way to go abo...

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