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  • Eating Right, Living Better

    Eating Right, Living Better

    If you are a believer of the rule of thumb that we should eat right to live better, then you are right. There are a lot of things that are bad for the human body. Most of these are the processed foods and those which have been through different synthetic processes. With this in mind, it's important that you eat more of nutritious foods and less foods which are not helpful to the body. Why don't we start with those foods that we should be eating more of?Fiber helpsEating fiber essentially helps t...

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  • Blood Type Diet: Eating Asparagus

    Blood Type Diet: Eating Asparagus

    If you've ever heard of the Blood Type Diet, then you know that it is based on eating foods which are right for your blood type. You gain maximum benefits if you do eat foods which are right for your blood type and otherwise if you don't. Here is a single recipe for blood all types. This is so because it is composed of asparagus which is a vegetable that is known to be beneficial to all types. You can essentially substitute these Asparagus fries for French fries. Kids will want to eat them if th...

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  • The Long, Slow Burn

    The Long, Slow Burn

    Have you ever experienced becoming hungry in the middle of the afternoon, around 3pm? This is one of the times that you've most probably grabbed a chocolate bar in order to get you through the day. If you have felt that particular hunger pang, you might not have been taking advantage of the long, slow burn.In order to take advantage of the long, slow burn, you should try eating healthy foods and nutritionally balanced meals aside from eating regular meals. This is quite difficult for some people...

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