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  • Fats You Can Eat

    Fats You Can Eat

    Fat is important in one's diet. Yes, it should be a very important part of one's diet simply because it is important for one's metabolism. After a meal with some fat, you don't feel that ravenous after a couple of hours of eating. Therefore, fat helps you from overeating as well as bingeing. More importantly, when it comes to your metabolism, fat functions much like protein. It has the ability to extend the energy boosting and metabolism-enhancing effects of the carbohydrates by being able to sl...

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  • The Mediterranean Diet

    The Mediterranean Diet

    People have been around the diet bandwagon long enough to learn that the plan of starving to weight loss (and most probably death) is not going to work-at all. Because of countless failed attempts, dieters all over have relinquished the idea of eating three pieces of crackers and a glass of water each day to the pits of futility--which is exactly where these ideas came from. Nowadays, people have learned the art of eating the right type of foods. Enter the Mediterranean Diet. This particular die...

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