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  • Women's Biggest Diet Mistakes

    Women's Biggest Diet Mistakes

    Some women think that they are eating healthy but there may be some habits that can destroy a woman’s diet. This is mainly due to ignorance or because some women delude themselves into thinking that what they are doing isn’t adversely affecting the way they diet. Just because you are obsessed with dieting doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting the results that you want. A study claims that women are unintentionally taking in more calories than they think. This is because of ...

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  • The Wonders of Eggs

    The Wonders of Eggs

    It has not become surprising that eggs have become a vital part of the common American’s diet. Whether hard-boiled or sunny side up, eggs have become a staple especially during breakfast. It should be remembered that a lot of people have a negative view of eggs because of the amount of cholesterol that it contains. For example, one whole, large egg is said to contain around 213 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol which is actually more than two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of a person...

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  • Abs Diet Meal Plan

    Abs Diet Meal Plan

    One of the most renowned diets today is the Abs Diet. Its no nonsense plan of combining exercise with your diet will leave you looking like a toned athlete in no time. This type of diet, however, does not only focus on exercise but it does consider alternatives when it comes to providing you sustenance and your day-to-day nutrition. The Abs Diet essentially allows you to eat the foods that you love to eat which keeps your cravings at bay without starving you to death. It also helps you control y...

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  • The Glycemic Index Diet

    The Glycemic Index Diet

    One of the best diets around is one that is based on the Glycemic Index (GI). This is a system that essentially ranks foods by how they impact your levels of blood sugar. Those foods which have a "low glycemic index" (less than 55) produce a constant, gradual rise in blood sugar which is What is the Glycemic Index?The Glycemic Index--or GI, for short--is a system that ranks foods by how they affect your levels of blood sugar. Low-GI foods (less than 55) produce a gradual rise in blood sugar that...

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