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  • Upgrading Your Protein Shake

    Upgrading Your Protein Shake

    Tired of drinking the same protein. Try these recipes to make your protein shakes enjoyable! Evapored Milk - A half cup condensed milk adds nearly 400 mgs of calcium. stronger bones mean a stronger frame to hang muscle tissue on.Vanilla Extract - It’s the secret ingredient that made nearly everything your mom baked taste better. A couple of drops will do the same for your smoothie.Pumpkin - Canned pumpkin is already cooked to a smooth consistency, so it slips easily into a protein shake. A...

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  • Building Muscle: What Do I Eat?

    Building Muscle: What Do I Eat?

    Building muscle? How? What do I eat?Shrimp - Three ounces-about 12 large shrimp-has almost 18 grams (g) of protein, . Oyster, Clams, Mussels - 3 ounces of Oysters will net you 11 g ofprotein, while the same amount of clams or mussels has nearly double that. Couscous - Pasta is not the only energy food. Couscous is easy to cook-all you need is water, a microwave, and about 2 minutes.Sloppy Joes - Beef has a higher creatine content than any other food. Baked Beans - A half cup serves up 6 g each o...

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  • How to Build Muscle Mass

    How to Build Muscle Mass

    We've all seen those overly muscled men and women in wrestling shows. How do they build those muscles? You may not want to have those gigantic muscles but you certainly don't want to be a scrawny scarecrow forever. Here are some tips to build your muscles.Build your muscles with weights- Free weights are some of the most effective means of gaining muscle. To build muscle mass, you have to push your muscles to exert themselves to about 80 to 90 percent of its limit. This forces the body to bulk u...

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